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 Ally rules

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PostSubject: Ally rules   Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:18 pm


OutGame Rules

1. Its OBLIGATORY for all members to read the Ally Forum constantly (daily if posible) specialy the sections of: "NEWS" and "Sieges & Raids".
2. Its OBLIGATORY for all members to USE the VENTRILO during Sieges and we ask for all to use it normaly for game

InGame Rules.

Because of the future problems we may have due to the size of ally, we will be guided by this rules, some rules if not followed
will carry consequences for those who brake them.


1. We will consider Ally Raids when 3 or more clans have representation in the raid, they will be lead by a clan leader and they include ALL the Raid Bosses of the land.
2. The drops of this RB will be spread in ally spread to all clans.


1. We will consider NON-Ally Raids when 2 or less clans have representation in the raid.
2. They CANNOT go after the raidbosses that ppl need for quest or crystal lvling, this RB have to be no matter what a "ALLY RAID":

-Valley of saints (noblesse)

3. The drops of this type of raids will be spread among the 2 clans present any way their leaders decide to do it.


All info on ALLY STATUS (friends/enemys/KOS/Clan Wars) will be posted in forum for everyone to know about it.

1. During a Fight members will ALLWAYS follow Leader commands (SOE, KILL, DO NOT PK, and such)
2. There are several types of enemys, ENEMYS, KOS and Not friendly.
3. If u want to fighght ANYONE that is NOT a KOS (kill on sight) u need a leader of general permision to do so, unless they flag 1st.
4. When we go pvp we DO NOT FLAME, dont talk to enemy, we dont flame on them and we dont talk to them at all.
5. Our way of fight is easy. GO-KILL-GO, we get there we do our fight fast and we SOE. We dont w8 for them again.
6. If u turn red u have to SOE or get CLEAN in that exact second u turn red. (except ppl with wyvern wich will go airborne right away)


Raids. A amount of ppl (ALL ppl or limited amount of partys) go kill a Raid Boss.

1. When a Ally Raid takes place all Drops will go to M0res and he will spread at the end of the 7 signs among the clan leaders by luck.
2. The spread of drops will be same as it was in l2p:

-Drop to the floor pick up random, the one that gets it goes out of party untill next round.
-Parts are spread equally.
-Full Drops and Scrolls are spread by luck.

3. During a raid we wont w8 much for lazy ppl, we know some have lag but we cant make 100 ppl w8 for 1, there will be time limits in the checkpoints.
4. Assist the target giver (normally M0res) with a macro: /target M0res /assist
5. Dont do a action if its not commanded example: SOE
6. Follow ALL leader commands.

Events. All members (or almost all) gather to make a FUN event.

1. The date and time of Event will be schceduled with 3 days advance at least.
2. The Date and Time for Event will be decided just by Leader(s).
so if u like to make a Event talk to a general and or Leader.
3. Events will not be obligatory, but try to be there every time. If u miss them too many times actions will be taken.
4. Events will be FUN stuff to do, like Clan pictures, Videos, pvp training, or games (with posible prizes)
5. All information about Events will be posted in the Mirc channel under the bot command of "? events" and in the forum.

Items, matts, money, buffers, spoilers and crafters.

1. All items (weapons, armors, pets, jewels) u get form a clan member or clan WK is due to his good will to make clan better. Those items are property
of the original owner. If the owner of a item ask for his item he has to get it back form the member that borrow it on the first place.
2. All matts (patrs, base matts, all grade recipies) u get form a clan member or clan WK is due to his good will to make clan better. those matts are
property of whomever has them, and he has no obligation (except for the brotherhood) to give them away to anyone. I mean that if u need a matt
and someone give it to you that dosnt mean he HAS to do it, it only means he WANTS to do it.
3. We dont ask members for money (naomally or allthe time). Ppl have no obligatin to give that money, it is a personal issue that is decided only for
the owner of that money. If a low lvl asks for money try help him by take him hunt with you to good money drops.
4. Spoilers, crafters and buffers are NO PETS, u can ask for their services and they are only linked by brotherhood and NOT by an obligation. either way
I ask spoilers, crafters and buffers to be friendly and try to help ppl out.

Personal Problems, IN/Out ally Issues and PK.

1. Any personal problem within clan members will be talked with leader in order to fix the issue.
2. Clan vs. Clan issues will be notified to generals or leader ASAP in order to make the best of it.
3. We dont PK ppl for fun so dont do it, if u have a issue with a player and it is your fault then u will have to fix it yourself
but if the issue is about abusive behaviour of another player, Ally anger will rise over that poor little fellow, even if it takes us to a war.
4. In the case a member gets caothic due to a fair assassination he has the RIGHT for protection and safe death. Caothic members will be assassinated by
ally members in order to save the drops. The issue about loose or not the karma with clan member help is personal decision of the protector. I mean
caothic members only have the right of a safe death, if they want to loose karma with the help of the protector then the protector must be willing to do it,
he is not obligated to.


1. Members will go to Raids, events, etc. loaded with the matts they may need for it, pots, antidotes, SOE, SOR, etc.
2. Members will be in time allways, or they will have to go alone meet the rest of team.

Serious Issues.

To do one of this will result in many of the times in a kik out of the clan u are part of (decided by ally leaders).

1. Kill a ally member in anger, dspite or revange.
2. Scamm a ally member.
3. Flame or insult a Ally leader.
4. Common bad behaviour or common rule braking.
5. Pass vital information to other clans out of ally (spy)
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Ally rules
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